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No Utility Incentives? Sun Bandit Can Help

A few years ago, utility-provided solar incentives were easy to come by in most markets, but that’s not always the case these days. Fortunately, Sun Bandit is specifically designed to help regardless of the incentive environment.

Consumer rebates and other incentives for reducing energy consumption or going solar can vary dramatically from state to state and utility to utility today. While some areas are finding new ways to boost energy-saving improvements, others are dialing back or even eliminating their programs.

This new environment means many solar companies must adjust their business models to ensure consumers continue to find solar solutions attractive as well as affordable. For some, like Sun Bandit partner RevoluSun, this means taking a more strategic approach. The company’s Smart Home collection, for example, curates energy-efficient products—like Sun Bandit’s solar PV water heating systems—that provide consumer benefits without utility or PUC involvement.

Sun Bandit uses standard solar PV panels and patent pending micro-grid technology that requires no grid interconnection, net-metering, or utility approval for installation and operation. And, Sun Bandit hybrid water heaters install just like a traditional water heater and do not require fluids, pumps, or plumbing modifications, which saves consumers money with or without utility provided incentives. At the same time, Sun Bandit has been accepted into numerous state and utility incentive programs, making new installations eligible for rebates where available.

As the solar energy landscape continues to evolve, Sun Bandit is well positioned to help industry professionals grow their business by providing consumers with a simple, clean, and dependable on-site solar storage solution that saves energy and money – regardless of utility involvement.

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