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Custom Engineered

Clean Energy Solutions

With 30 years of solar and clean energy knowledge and expertise, and an eye set on the clean energy horizon, Next Generation Energy offers solar energy consulting services in which we can partner with you to create custom solar solutions for your most complex projects.

Solar Thermal

Commercial Solar Thermal

Next Generation Energy specializes in the design and engineering of both solar thermal flat plate and evacuated tube systems. Our NGE-TU Series thermal systems are the most efficient means of heating hot water on the market today.

Photovoltaic (PV)

Photovoltaic (PV) Panel

Next Generation Energy designs and engineers a range of customized, efficient and versatile photovoltaic solutions. Many of our systems can be shipped to site for safer, more efficient installations.

Off-Grid Hybrid
Energy Systems

Off-grid hybrid systems

Take energy independence to new heights. We design and engineer custom hybrid solutions that include photovoltaic, solar thermal, hot air panels, wind, battery back-up and other power management components for remote locations lacking grid access.

Whether you are envisioning a solar thermal pool heater, a complex, large-scale commercial energy installation, or an off-grid hybrid system, Next Generation Energy will work with you every step of the way, we can:

  • Plan and consult with you to help you scope your project and define your needs
  • Design an energy solution that is customized to your project
  • Build the complete solar package
  • Manage the supply chain and deliver materials onsite and on-time
  • Supervise and provide oversight on installation