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Sun Bandit® Named a 2015 Top Solar Product

Solar Power World magazine, one of the industry’s leading publications, has named Next Generation Energy’s Sun Bandit to its list of 2015’s Top Solar Products.

The list recognizes “the best and brightest products to come out of the solar industry this year,” highlighting items that both innovate and surprise. Just 160 products were chosen for the list among the many solar panel, mounting, inverter, balance of system and project management products the magazine reviewed.

Included in the 2015 Top Solar Panel Products category, Sun Bandit was the only solar hot water system featured on the list. The magazine called it “a simple, clean and dependable on-site energy storage solution” and noted that it’s the world’s first solar electric photovoltaic (PV) water heating collector to receive certification from the Solar Rating & Certification Corporation (SRCC).

Unlike traditional solar thermal water heating systems, which use fluid-filled tubes to heat water, Sun Bandit uses PV panels to power its hot water system. As such, the Sun Bandit is installed just like a traditional hot water heater, requiring no fluids, pumps or plumbing modifications.

Sun Bandit’s PV panels are also lighter and easier to install than solar thermal collectors and eliminate the need for net metering, grid-tie connection or utility approval for installation and operation. The result? Getting set up with Sun Bandit is faster and more cost-effective than other options.

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