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Sun Bandit: Premier Pre-Engineered Solution

Recently receiving SRCC certification, Sun Bandit is the premier pre-engineered solution. As the first and only PV-based solar hot water heating collector with SRCC Certification, Sun Bandit has changed the game, proving what we have known all along: Sun Bandit is the most innovative way to heat your hot water.

Simple to Choose


Sun Bandit is available in a variety of sizes and power package configurations. We make it easy to select the right Sun Bandit kit for you with the Sun Bandit Performance Calculator and the Sun Bandit Tank Selection Tool. Our sales team is always on hand to help you make the selection process as simple as possible.

The new SRCC certification allows Sun Bandit to easily the meet the requirements for many state and local incentive and rebate programs, making choosing Sun Bandit will be easier and more affordable than ever.

Easy to Install

Unlike traditional solar thermal systems, Sun Bandit is easy to install! Each Sun Bandit kit includes fully-flashed rooftop mounting hardware from Zilla, tier-one solar modules, hot water thank and micro inverter(s). Simply install racking and PV modules.  The hot water tank installs just like a traditional hot water heater and doesn’t require fluids, pumps or complicated plumbing or architecture.

Ready to Enjoy

Sun Bandit solar water heaters are ready to take full advantage of the free energy of the sun from day one. Sun Bandit can help you reduce fossil fuel consumption while enjoying clean, quiet, worry-free hot water. It can work independently of the grid, doesn’t require net-metering and can even work when it’s cold and cloudy, making it an ideal solar hot water heating solution.

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