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7 Key Benefits of Solar

The first benefit that comes to mind on the topic of solar panels is “it’s good for the environment.” While that is true and the most obvious answer, it is far from the only benefit of owning solar panels. Here 7 key benefits of solar: Good for the environment Yes, solar energy is good for […]

Topaz, the world’s largest solar plant, in action

Solar power is an increasingly popular solution for electricity needs for a number of reasons. With the cost for traditional sources of electricity rising, and with consumers becoming increasingly concerned about the state of the environment, many homeowners and business owners alike have invested in solar power solutions for their properties. As a result, more […]

Ikea to start selling solar systems at European stores

Ikea is expanding on the meaning of a one-stop-shop; beyond selling cinnamon rolls and pop up beds, Ikea shoppers in the UK and The Netherlands can now purchase very affordable solar panels. Ikea has partnered with Chinese solar manufacturing company Hanergy to start spreading their plan for in home affordable solar panels around the globe. […]

Department of Energy Announces Multi-Million Investment in Solar Industry

The Department of Energy stole the show at this year’s Solar Power International by announcing its new $53 million investment towards making solar energy more profitable for companies to produce as part of President Obama’s broader climate agenda. Energy Secretary, Ernest Moniz, announced on Wednesday, October 22 that the DOE will fund 40 projects aimed […]

Solar Basics: Homeowner Edition

Based on a May 2014 Houzz article by Christine Tusher, published in Forbes Homeowners interested in going green likely already know the solar basics: Solar is good for the environment. Installing solar panels can decrease your household’s carbon footprint by an average of 35,180 pounds of carbon dioxide per year. Solar can help save you […]

Solar in Colorado: Part Two

We have plenty of sunshine to go around here in Colorado. And, we can’t get enough solar in Colorado. Here are 6 more of our favorite spots, all which boast impressive solar energy arrays. Coors Field On Opening Day in 2007, Coors Field unveiled 46 solar panels used to power the Rockpile LED board, making […]

The Solar Storage Conundrum

Solar storage has long been an enigma. How do we harness the power of the sun to use when the sun is not shining? Solar storage solutions can alleviate peak demand and intermittency caused by the movement of clouds.  With solar energy implementation showing no signs of slowing down, it is time we get to […]